Motorcycle Cleaning

Motorcycle Cleaning & Care

30 min.

  • Clean and maintain a thorough hand wash with nano-wax sealing + glossy polish by hand, plastic and chrome parts

Glass ceramic/nano sealing

warranty of 24 or 36 months

  • AkCrystal coating is a particularly strong layer between the paint and aggressive materials.
  • Crystal coating supplies your paint with:  deep gloss
  • high brilliance
  • water-repellent pearl effect
  • advantages for your car paint: protects against carwash chemicals
  • water-repellent pearl effect
  • UV protection
  • reduces hairline scratches
  • absolutely transparent
  • other advantages: easy to clean, no special shampoo required
  • resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • easy removal of insects Approx. 10-12 hours depending on size

CHF 200-300

Ceramic/nano wax sealing

warranty of 24 or 26 months

MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY is an innovative high-end gloss sealing of your car by means of a ceramic nano-glass protective coating in a sprayable presentation. The paint becomes resistant to mechanical stress and to dirt and weather influences of all kinds (UV rays, salts, acid, oxidation, etc.) with a long service life. The coated surface is water and dirt resistant to the maximum extent. MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY also ensures an absolute beading (water-repellent effect) with brilliant and glass-like deep gloss, and contributes to the colour refresh. MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY produces a top finish on untreated paints, as well as a reload on the MAXOLEN 77 SIOUX SHIELD, an increase in gloss and protection and a regeneration of the already existing coating.

CHF 180