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Remove fluid rust & traces of resin

Remove fluid rust & traces of resin.
Fluid rust is the unmistakable sign of incipient corrosion on the surface of vehicle parts. Not only older cars, but also new cars can be affected. The brownish infestation is particularly popular with doors, thresholds and wheel arches, as well as chrome-plated parts. Particularly striking to the eye in the case of vehicles hat have bright colours. In order not to cause any major damage, the air must be removed immediately.

Approx. CHF 50-100

Convertible Roof Sealing

  • The impregnation against contamination.
  • Protects fabric and leather from stains, dust and moisture.
  • The invisible, permanent protection
  • Forms a protective layer around each individual fibre, which reduces the penetration of dirt.
  • Keeps the fabrics soft and the colours sparkling clear.

CHF 100

Polymer coating sealing

  1. The high-gloss and transparent protective jacket. This unique sealing protects the paint surface against environmental influences such as UV rays, acid rain, road salt and dirt.

CHF 150

Glaskeramik/Nano Versiegelung

Crystal coating is a particularly strong layer between the paint and aggressive materials.

  • Crystal coating supplies your paint with:
  • Deep Gloss
  • High Brilliance
  • Water-Repellent
  • Pearl Effect
  • Advantages for your car paint:
  • Protects against carwash chemicals
  • Water-Repellent
  • Pearl Effect
  • UV protection
  • Reduces Hairline
  • Scratches
  • Absolutely transparent
  • Other Benefits:
    Easy to clean, no special shampoo required
  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning
  • Easy removal of insects Approx. 10-12 Hours

CHF 600

Professional High-Gloss Polish

  • 2 Levels Of Machine Polish

CHF 100 / H

Removal of burned insects

  • Local machine polish approx.

CHF 50

Rims deep cleaning

  • Removal of stubborn dirt. Whether aluminium or steel, polished, gloss polished, chrome-plated or anodised, the pH-neutral formula does not attack even the most sensitive finishers.

CHF 15

Chrome & metal parts cleaning

  1. Carlacquer MetalCare 3in1 cleans, polishes and protects all metal parts of your vehicle. From stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, brass, copper to silver particles. The soft abrasive contents allow the removal of unwanted oxidation traces, dirt and discolouration. The metal parts shine like new.

CHF 25 – 50


MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY is an innovative high-end gloss sealing of your car by means of a ceramic nano-glass protective coating in a sprayable presentation. The paint becomes resistant to mechanical stress and to dirt and weather influences of all kinds (UV rays, salts, acid, oxidation, etc.) with a long service life. The coated surface is water and dirt resistant to the maximum extent. MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY also ensures an absolute beading (water-repellent effect) with brilliant and glass-like deep gloss, and contributes to the colour refresh. MAXOLEN 77S SIOUX SPRAY produces a top finish on untreated paints, as well as a reload on the MAXOLEN 77 SIOUX SHIELD, an increase in gloss and protection and a regeneration of the already existing coating.

CHF 30

Clean The Door Folds

CHF 15

Disc Sealing

HYDROPHOBIC SEALING FOR GLASS SURFACES Maxolen 20GF glass Finish is a hydrophobic coating for glass surfaces. Maxolen 20GF glass Finish creates a homogeneous surface structure and thus produces a water- and dirt-repellent effect. The drops no longer combine into a film that clouds the view and are simply blown away in the air. A disc sealed with Maxolen 20GF glass Finish is much easier to clean.

CHF 30

Prepare & polish headlights

Treatment & polishing of matt, blind or scratched headlights

CHF 100 / 2 pieces – CHF 80 / 1 piece