Extras Inside

Hygienic Indoor Disinfection

Hygienic Disinfection. Maxolen G460 with BAG-approval. Disinfectant. 3-fold effective. Bactericide, fungicide and virucide. Skin, hands and surfaces. Safe for food contact. Free Of Aldehydes. Officially approved disinfectant for the control of influenza and corona viruses (bag listing).

CHF 20

Ozone Treatment

Indoor disinfection incl. air conditioning & ventilation incl. odour removal. Germs & bacteria feel at ease in the ventilation system. Vehicle occupants are exposed to the bacteria and fungi without protection… which can lead to dangerous situations, especially in the case of allergy sufferers and asthmatics. However, the pests can also lead to severe respiratory irritation and allergy formation in the case of all others. Therefore, the air conditioning system should be cleaned regularly. This avoids bad odours and infestation with pathogenic germs.

CHF 150

Remove dog hairs

Remove dog hairs from luggage compartment, seat cushions, floor mats and car carpet. (Removing animal hair is a tedious task.) (Depending on expenditure)

CHF 30 – 80

Leather Seats Intensive Cleaning

Cleaning of leather seats, deep care and sealing with special care products.

CHF 150

Fabric Seats Intensive Cleaning

• material seats intensive cleaning (per seat) CHF 40
• Intensive Cleaning Cloth Seats (5 Seats)

CHF 150

Upholstery or leather sealing

  • The impregnation against contamination.
  • Protects fabric and leather from stains, dust and moisture.
  • The invisible, permanent protection.
  • Forms a protective layer around each individual fibre, which reduces the penetration of dirt.
  • Keeps the fabrics soft and the colours sparkling clear.

CHF 100

Roof Lining Cleaning

The vehicle lining is treated wet with special cleaning agents. (Not available in the case of all vehicles)

CHF 100

Window cleaning inside or outside

Clean the car discs thoroughly

CHF 15

Internal Plastic & Rubber Parts

The plastic care system renews the appearance of old, brittle and weathered plastics and rubber. The plastic and rubber care has a long-term dirt-repellent effect and makes brittle rubber and plastic supple again. It also impregnates the treated surfaces and has an anti-static effect. Has a special anti-stick effect in case of frost. This is why door rubbers treated with silicone rubber care no longer freeze in winter. Plastic surfaces that are faded by UV radiation are like new again.

CHF 50