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Washing takes time,
We are here for you

Your vehicle gets dirty in daily traffic due to dust, rain, snow and mud. Even if it’s in the underground car park, it can’t be prevented from getting dirty.


Washing takes time. If you want to present your car in a beautiful shine, you should have it cleaned regularly. But that takes time. Who has the time and inclination to pick up a sponge and polishing cloth on the weekend or after work or to stand in line at a car wash?


We are here for you. SwissGreenLight is your partner when it comes to vehicle cleaning, whether interior or exterior cleaning. We are your specialists in vehicle preparation and car care.

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What does waterless
car cleaning mean?

Your vehicle is cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of water. This means: Our cleaning products are water-based and made from natural ingredients. Avoiding additional water is therefore a valuable contribution to the environment. In concrete terms, this means that we only need around 250 ml of biodegradable cleaner for a vehicle. This means we save up to 300 liters of water per vehicle!


In addition, with SwissGreenLight products, your car is not only cleaned but also polished in one go. After cleaning, the paint has its own protective layer that protects against rapid re-contamination and paint-damaging UV radiation.

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Leave the interior and Exterior cleaning of your
vehicle to us

Leave the interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle to us, because our professionally trained employees know exactly how to effectively remove a wide range of contamination. We not only take care of stains and classic dirt, but also difficult cases. We ensure that oil and tar stains or insects are completely cleaned and usually remove them without leaving any residue.

Our range of services in the area of car cleaning extends from exterior cleaning to exclusive interior cleaning and complete preparation. Our special services also include paint finishing, odor removal and roof lining cleaning


Does your car no longer shine the way you want it to? Contact us!

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Our offers at a glance

Interior and Exterior cleaning

Exterior cleaning

Interior cleaning

Extra Interior and Exterior cleaning

Motor vehicle inspection

Motorcycle cleaning

Customer Reviews

Read opinions from our customers here. We attach great importance to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

D.M.from Spreitenbach
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Good car cleaning inside and out. Perfect result, very flexible and friendly. Thanks see you next time.
H.T.from Wettingen
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I was allowed to park my vehicle in the morning and receive it perfectly cleaned in the evening.
F.E.from Dietikon
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The car looks like new, smells great and is really fun to drive again! Very friendly and good staff, car is in very good hands.
U.L.from Zürich
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Drop off the dirty car, go shopping, drink coffee and pick it up in a sparkling condition! Best car care around!
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